M Wild PhotographyPainting was my artistic outlet before discovering my true calling, PHOTOGRAPHY. For the last ten years it has been my art, my service and my livelihood.

Although I am known primarily as a commercial photographer, my background in painting adds a strong foundation to my work and an artistic finesse to my images. I have been commissioned to shoot a wide variety of high-profile events in the course of my career, photographing people has always been my passion. My ability to help clients relax and feel comfortable in front of the lens is just as important as the creativity and experience I bring to a shoot. After all, a relaxed and comfortable subject translates into a great photograph!

Since each shoot is as unique as a client’s specific needs, I prefer to meet clients in person, if possible. During the initial meeting (whether in person, or by phone/email), we can determine the backgrounds, props, and style that will bring the client’s vision to life. At that time, fees are negotiated.